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Canadian Passport application and requirements

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If you really want to work in Canada, understanding one of the most important steps to get in the country is a must. Therefore, you have to know and learn the step-by-step processes and requirements involved in Canadian passport application.

Although there were different cases as per the applicant for a Canadian passport, here are the basic requirements appearing from the official Canada website for the step-by-step procedures in applying – I have listed them below.

  • complete application form – signed on all pages
  • proof of Canadian citizenship
  • document to support identity
  • two photos, one of which is signed by the guarantor
  • pay the required fees
  • any valid Canadian travel document

An official translation in English or French must be provided with any documents that are written in another language.

For the proof of citizenship, you may either be categorized as someone who was born inside or outside of Canada. If your case was the first, here is what you have to provide:

  • Canadian birth certificate issued by the province or territory where you were born (some exceptions apply)
  • Certificate of citizenship issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

If you fall on the second category, here is what you should provide: (Where all documents are issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

  • Certificate of citizenship
  • Certificate of naturalization
  • Certificate of retention of Canadian citizenship
  • Certificate of registration of birth abroad

Proof of identity document may include:

  • driver’s license
  • health care card
  • old age security card
  • local / federal employee id
  • permanent resident card
  • Canadian passport
  • Canadian military id

For more questions, you may refer here.

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  • Salvador B. Cabansay says:

    good day, I just want to know what is the requirement to obtain Canadian work permit visa and how much it cost.

  • analy joven says:

    I want to work in canada as a care giver,and if possible i can get my kids also and be a canadian citizen.

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