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Student Jobs in Canada (FSWEP)

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Student Jobs InternshipSo is there any chance that a student or someone who is still studying to be part of the public service industry and get employed for student jobs in Canada? I say yes! This is because fyi for those who do not know it yet, there is a certain program of the national government of Canada in a regular yearly basis to both college and high school students willing to work while still studying.

The program is called Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP). It provides “full-time students with work experience and learning opportunities that are related to their field of study” which is already an advantage for many who will be lucky to get hired for student jobs in Canada.

In order to get in the said program, you first have to register in a Co-op/Internship program with your academic institution and consult the notice boards at your campus career centre. Another option is to consult with the co-op/internship placement office for federal public service placement opportunities.

On the other hand, for those who belong to the post-secondary student category while still studying may on hand be interested in obtaining experience in research (design, execution and evaluation).

If that is your case, feel free to go check out the Research Affiliate Program (RAP) here –

Please be reminded that students who get in this particular program are normally destined to positions that cater to ongoing research operations in federal public service facilities. With this reason on hand, the research projects should be structured to assist the student in developing specific knowledge and research skills as it may serve as preparation for their next generation of being workers of Canada.

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