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Canadian Passport Application Renewal Requirements Fees and Problems

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The Canadian PassportDo you have a Canadian passport and it is on due date for renewal? In many cases whether you opt in for a delivery of your passport document on a rush or express service or regular service, you should be getting it on time but there are of courses some cases where you will be disappointed like in this comment I found today while searching online for information regarding requirements for renewing your expired or soon-to-be expired passport. I had it on quote below just so that you realize that in a case to case basis some jeopardy occurs.

My husband renewed his passport and paid for the express service. The passport came to the passport office smudged and not readable and they would not issue it to him on Fri. We are flying to the U.S Tuesday! We spoke to a passport officer in Toronto today (Sunday) who said it would be $360 to process one today (ridiculous when it was the passport office’s fault) With Monday being a holiday, will the passport office issue a new one within 24 hours if he goes in first thing Tues morning? We have lost all our money his plane tickets that he had to cancel today. Please help…..the office had no info for him on Fri afternoon

Canadian Passport Sample Specimen

Here are the things you need make sure to renew your Canadian Passport:

1. Be sure to have your application form (all) pages completed, filled up and duly signed with the same signature which you, the applicant use in all your identification cards (ID) and documents. Remember that you will present your IDs and documents as a requirement later on to the passport officer so your signatures have to match, otherwise, you might have a big problem later on.

2. Produce 2 photos (latest) taken against a plain white background with a neutral expression and a mouth closed (No smiles allowed) taken within last 12 months. The passport office is very strict on this one too like the other requirements so be sure to abide, otherwise, you will have a problem later on and I believe no one wants any delay when speaking of passport application. (read picture requirements below)
One of the photos should be certified and signed by your guarantor.
The photographic paper must be of high quality with a matte, rather than a glossy, finish

Please be reminded that faulty / wrong pictures taken and submitted with an application can be a major reason why passport applications are being rejected. This is a national security issue too so please don’t experiment with your photographer, instead, go to an expert or qualified personnel only.  Get this done right and save yourself some time and inconvenience.

3. Produce original proof of Canadian citizenship (no copies not even certified by lawyer or notary public is allowed,  just the original). Again, you might save some time getting this done going here and there if you follow these simple regulations.

4. Produce any Canadian passport or travel document issued to you within the last Five years. Make sure that the signature used in the document matches with your passport application, otherwise, some problems and untoward situations might get in. Remember the simple rule – “follow guidelines”.

5. Produce documents to support your identity (this is an important requirement) Be sure your supporting document or IDs are valid, must be issued by a federal, provincial, territorial or municipal authority in CANADA, or local equivalent and must include the bearer’s name and signature. Again, signature in the documents you present must match with your application signature, otherwise, supporting documents could be turned down and might cause your application or renewal to go in jeopardy. If this happens, its your fault, I’ve reminded you about messing up with signatures a couple of times already above.

6. Pay the passport fee. If you ask me how much a passport costs, you can always refer to the official website at – Order comes with details below in passport number of pages and whether adult or children (adult-16 yrs old and over / 3-15 yrs old / under 3 yrs old) with respect to fees listed below. (all fees are in Canadian dollars only)

24 pages passport | C$87 (adult) | C$37 ( 3-15 yrs old) | C$22 (under 3 yrs old)
48 pages passport | C$92 (adult) | C$39 ( 3-15 yrs old) | C$24 (under 3 yrs old)

Urgent pick-up within 24 hours = C$70 + passport fee
Express pick-up from 2 to 9 business days = C$30 + passport fee
Standard pick-up 10 business days = C$10 + passport fee
Same day, out of regular hours of service = C$220 + passport fee (answer’s the question is it possible to get my passport the same day?)

Additional fees and charges apply via Canada Post Receiving Agent which costs = C$20

Passport fees and rates can be paid in either ways listed below. (source:

In person

Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
Debit card (Interac)
Certified cheque or money order (postal or bank) made payable to the “Receiver General for Canada”

By mail

Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
Certified cheque or money order (postal or bank) made payable to the “Receiver General for Canada”

Important notes

– Passport Canada does not accept cash or personal cheques.
– You must pay the appropriate fee with your application or it will not be processed.
– If you cancel your application or are refused a travel document, you are not eligible for a refund of the service. – Only the consular fee (C$25), which applies to all adult applications, is refundable.
– Administrative fees and applicable interest will be applied to all dishonoured payments.
– Fees are subject to change.

Passport application complete processing time can take up to 3 weeks from the date of submission of completed applications. This is a reminder to those who are running on a date schedule for travel and flight so you can prepare earlier than possible or in advance so no problems occur.

don’t worry if you think you have a problem with the listed processes I have above, there is always a way for no-complex Canadian passport application. You can opt in for the Simplified Canadian Passport Renewal Application

In the said simplified process, you will be allowed as Canadian citizens who meet certain eligibility criteria to renew your passport using a shorter form or method.

Here, you won’t be required to submit documentary evidence of citizenship as well as the 2nd requirements of identification and a guarantor declaration.

Canadian passport renewal applicants will only be required to submit the shorter form with two new photos, and their last passport and to pay the renewal fee of course.

Note that only Canadians who meet the following eligibility criteria will be able to benefit from Simplified Canadian Passport Renewal program and by Canadian citizens, I mean that you should:

  1. be residing in Canada at the time you apply.
  2. have resided in Canada at the time of your previous application.
  3. be 16 years old or over at the time of your previous application.

Your previous passport:

  1. Must have been valid for five years,
  2. Must have been issued after January 31, 2002,
  3. Never damaged or reported as lost or stolen, and
  4. Must have been issued under your current name.

Note that the new “Simplified Passport Renewal Program” application form is available at all Passport Canada service points and branches.

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