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Canada Work Permit – Fees, Requirements, Eligibility and How to Apply

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Canada Work Permit Sample

Canada Work Permit Sample

In our call to provide relevant and useful information to all our website visitors and readers, we wanted to make things easier for all of you to know more about how to work temporarily in Canada. With this aim, you will surely need to know more details regarding Canada work permit so we are providing you just the right information we also got using our researchers and skills in finding the right information and disseminate them using this blog so other may benefit from it.

First off, you need to know that you have to apply to the government for a Canadian work permit. The application is only implemented and applicable to non-Canadian citizens and non-permanent residents of Canada who are looking to work there. You can find an complete guide here.

Do note that you might need a temporary resident visa before any work permit application process is undertaken. For more information regarding details on the work permits from document checklist to application forms (made outside of Canada), family information, schedule of application, common law union issues and an instruction guide or help topic regarding the whole process of application.

Who Can Apply:

Consider this important information on who can apply for a temporary work permit in Canada. According to the official website for citizenship and immigration in Canada, “some temporary workers require a work permit and some do not. For some categories of workers, permits are approved more quickly.” If you ask me how long it will take for the permit to get approved and issued, just like any other document application, processing time usually depends upon the kind of job or work you will be engaged in when you arrive in the country. This means that it plays a major role in determining the time of approval for this document.

“There is a difference between coming to Canada as a business visitor and coming to Canada as a business person. For information about coming to Canada as a business visitor, see Jobs that do not require a work permit. For information about coming to Canada as a business person, see Special categories.” (source:

Eligibility to apply from outside Canada

To apply for a work permit from outside Canada, you must submit the following documents:

a job offer from a Canadian employer
a completed application, that shows that you meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, and
written confirmation from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) that the employer can hire a foreign worker to fill the job. This confirmation is called a positive labour market opinion.
In most cases, it is up to your employer to get that written confirmation. Information on the labour market opinion is found under Information for Canadian employers on the right-hand side of this page.
In some cases, you do not need a labour market opinion. (See Jobs that require a work permit but no labour market opinion.)

You must also do the following:

Satisfy a visa officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your work permit.
Show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family while you are in Canada.
Respect the law and have no criminal record. (You may have to provide a police clearance certificate. See Police Certificates for more information.
Show that you are not a risk to the security of Canada.
Be in good health. (You may have to have a medical examination.)


Work Permit Applicant / Application Requirements:

  1. have a valid passport or other travel document issued by their country of residence
  2. be in good health (a medical exam may be required)
  3. provide proof that they have sufficient funds to support their stay in Canada
  4. demonstrate that their stay in Canada is temporary
  5. not have a criminal record, nor be considered a security risk

In every document request, there is always a counterpart fee or cost. With respect to Canada work permit, there is also a processing fee of $150 for application.

You must also do the following:

  • Satisfy a visa officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your work permit.
  • Show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family while you are in Canada.
  • Respect the law and have no criminal record. (You may have to provide a police clearance certificate. See Police Certificates for more information.
  • Show that you are not a risk to the security of Canada.
  • Be in good health. (You may have to have a medical examination.)

Please refer to the link above for more information.

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  • irish cris paypa says:

    hello there..i would like to apply for working visa…i would like to know what is specifically my requirements?

    thank you and looking forward to your response.

  • joseph coker says:

    We are a lovely, kind family from united state of america(USA)but living here in

    united kingdom we are looking for a live in Au Pair.
    Mum and Dad have their own business and we need someone to help us looking

    looking after our young girl.
    Are you a friendly, warm and responsible person who can speak Good English? If so,

    we are interested in you.
    We need someone who can do (40)forty hours a week with 2 days off and reasonable

    time off for study.

    Responsibilities would include helping with the children, housework
    and ironing and caring for the girl. We will pay you £650 per week
    and look after you as one of the family (board, food and lodging
    are all included).
    We would prefer someone who doesn’t smoke and it would be great
    if you like animals as we have 2 very cute rabbits.
    Please contact us if you are interested or send this onto a friend if
    you know someone who may be.
    Our contact mail is: or call +447011173747

  • kristine salazar says:

    good day! I am a nurse here in the Philippines for almost 2years and I’d like to appy in Canada..

  • Shariq Ahmed Jeelani says:

    what is minimum educational qualification required?

  • raquel viray quiroz says:

    I Hope someday i could fine a good job in your country

  • mary ann padilla says:

    hello there!.. I’d like also to work as caregiver in Canada. I”m a nurse here in Philippines.. I’m hoping tht someday ill be rendering my service in your country..

  • lucia tagaan sumaylo says:

    it is really hard to apply in canada but i want to ask and please help me an agency so that i can apply personally in canada i know canada is the best country so that i serve to your country men thank you.

  • lucia tagaan sumaylo says:

    canada is best country im longing for in my life with full of historical hoping someday i can serve your country men as well as a nanny someday god bless .

  • syed abid ali shah says:

    sir i am syed abid ali shah and i am well qualified and having job experience as well and want to get work permit what i do just told me but one thing i preper to pay after my visa and permit letter ok i may waiting


    i am very interested to apply.hoping that you will given me a chance to prove that i can handle your kids as well as your a responsible and honest a god fearer.
    im looking forward for your responce hoping that you will choose me please coz i need a jod for my family specially for my 2 daugther.
    thank you and GOD bless you always as well as your family and friends.takecare always.

  • Johanna V. Tesoro says:

    Im looking for a job there in canada. I’m a management accounting graduate. Worked here in the philippines in different companies. I worked as Accounting Staff specialized in Accounts Payable, Receivables and Inventory Specialist. With experienced as Barista at Starbucks Coffee Phils. and other tasks like office supplies custodian, do bank transactions. Hope I can work there as soon as there’s available job suited for me. Thanks. God Bless

  • albert santiago says:

    hello im albert santiago,im pipefitter here in angola still working here i wan apply to there in canada..

  • albert santiago says:

    hello’ im albert santiago,im still working here in angola us pipefitter,i wan apply for canada in pipefitter,,

  • Ana Esperanza Aquino-Pagsisihan says:

    Willingness to work in Canada to join my sister-in-law and her family who are based there already. Hopefully, I and my whole family could migrate there.

    • Salvacion Mariquita says:

      hi…i’m willing to apply if your position is still available.
      I’m from Philippines and i need a job very badly,i’m a mother of 3 and if you’ll given me a chance,i’m not promising anything but i’ll make sure that i’ll be able to do my best for you to be satisfied.Pls.kindly help me,it’ll be a great debt of gratitude for me if you’ll given me a chance…thank you so much

  • Melody Macalalad says:

    hi.. I am willing to work in Canada.. because I’d like to pursue for a better Education for my 3 kids. hopefully, I and my family could migrate there.. i have a family friends in Canada. Please help me to work in Canada.. I like to apply as a caretaker.

  • lucy says:

    Hi! I am Lucia O. Igot I am willing to work in Canada I have long experience as a seamstress / tailor hopefully someone can help me for this job. thank you
    please reply to my email address…

  • Lucia O. Igot says:

    Good day! I am very interested to apply of what you are needed please help me of what i am supposed to do , I am live in the Philippines

    thank you

  • mommett M Balcita says:

    I want to apply as au-pair in your family. I am Ex-Taiwan and do the same what are you looking. I finished a bachelor of Secondary education major in English and NCII Manila as caretaker.

    sinserely yours

  • Md. Sheikh Shahidul Islam says:

    I’m from Bangladesh. I’ve completed Bachelors of Commerce from National University of Bangladesh in 2003. My IELTS Score is: 5.5 . I’m looking for a Canadian job. Is it possible for me to go to Canada for working.
    Would you please Inform me , How can I get a canadian job.

  • elizabeth dizon says:

    gud day, giving an opportunity to work in canada will be a great blessing for me and to my 4 kids, i’ve been worked here in the philippines for almost 10 years with my husband but still our income was not enough with the needs of the family. I really want to work in canada knowing that canada was one of the best country to work. Hoping that i would given the chance to serve canada.

  • Mala.Eshwar says:

    I know Car Drivig
    I Need anything job sir pleaces

  • Mala.Eshwar says:

    i want something job sir pleaces helpp me sir
    i from india your country man thanks you

  • John Kibb Abac says:

    How can I apply to work in Canada?

  • John Kibb Abac says:

    I am hotelier. And I graduated Bachelor in Science of Hotel and Restaurant Management. I had experienced working abroad where I worked on a boat and it was a Cruise Liner.

  • neil kristoffer quiapo says:

    Hello, i am very interested. please help me find a job in canada.. i have lots of work experiences already.. my e-mail add.

  • akbar beary says:

    hi my name is akbar beary i am horticulturelist. i have a diploma in horticulture from auckland new zealand. i am looking job in canada any one help please

  • AVKPM senevirathne says:

    I am a General Practitioner of 15 yrs service in Sri Lanka (5 yrs degree medicine and surgery in Government university)

    *I am very keen on migrating to canada , now 47 yrs of age
    *What are the categories I can apply for work permit

  • dexter c posas says:

    i’m willing job in canada,

  • Margie Cardino says:

    Hello I am willing to apply for this job thank you….

  • laxmi sunuwar says:

    i am ready to take that responsible if u want i am from nepal

  • madesha says:

    i am indian i have technical experince i would like work in canada what are the requierments to need

  • madesha says:

    i am madesh from bangalore i work at bosch ltd fuel pump manufature i have 10 years experince in machine maintenance preventive and break down maintence (mechanical) i interst work in canada i don’t know how to apply or contact i need help please help how to apply what are the documents required

  • Mylene comanda says:

    Hi,im willing to apply as nanny of your young gurl,.what should I do.
    Here is my email.

  • Lanie Garzon says:

    Formerly teacher Under UNICEF,Surviellance Officer ,Bank Alarm system Personnel,Security Officer and receptionist/telephone Operator,any job position Commencurate to my Job experience?
    please let me know

    Thank you

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